Quite frankly, I need more gigs!

So I devised a couple of ways that I hope will "improve my lot"

  1. I am willing to pay up to  20% (maximum €50)  for any gigs I get that are mediated via other people.
  2. I shall provide a voucher for €10 to anyone who can get a potential client to visit my website and use my booking request contact form to make contact with me.

When using the first option, it is vital of course that you ask any potential client to pass on your name so that I know that it is you who will need to be paid.

For the second option I have had to use some of my IT cunning to develop a validated system that will work for all.

Using the form below you should can a link which you will then be able to share with others on any network that you choose.

The form will generate a tagcode which will be your personal identifier.

I shall also store your email address on my system, but this will not be transmitted to any third parties. It shall only serve as a cross reference for the tagcode.

When you share one of the links the following shall happen.

  1. When one of your acquaintances clicks on the link in your shared story, he will be directed to my website to which the tagcode shall also be passed.
  2. If within the same web session he uses the booking form, your name shall automatically be passed on to me in the form request.
  3. At the same time he submits the form, you shall also receive your voucher at the email address you specified.

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